About US

Dear Amazing Client, (yes you!)

I wanted to create a page that could reach out to you, where I could share some of what I have learned over my past 5 years of operating a spa/kid's birthday party Salon. Looking back over the years, not only is it soul-stirring to see how much I have grown as a person and woman in business, it is truly amazing to reflect on how much more incredible our birthday parties are year after year. The systems and operations we have in place, the fluidity of training new employees, the start to finish booking experience for our clients... everything just sweetens with time!

I've stayed true to the market that I want to target. I want to provide amazing parties for amazing clients. I do also believe a working relationship always goes both ways. I promise to give you my best in exchange for positive, happy energy in return. When I have amazing clients I am energized to continue to be the best at what I do. If one of our clients isn't happy for any reason, my door is always open. Your happiness and satisfaction with our services is the key to the future of my company. While I recognize we may miss out on some bookings simply due to a price point of a competitor that perhaps has chosen to position themselves differently in the market, I know that amazing clients looking for an experienced company and an extraordinary party experience will find that they did not stumble upon our website by accident. I do believe the universe brought us together, and I would love to talk to you!

For those clients who may not be able to utilize our spa birthday party services for any reason, I am here to answer any questions you may have - even if you choose to book with another spa/birthday party company or choose to pull off a spa birthday party on your own. I am happy to let my experience and industry knowledge be of service to you. I give each person my blessing and in exchange, hope you may think of us for a future event, or spread the word about our spa birthday parties to your friends and family.

If you have read this far, you are a client I would love to have. Please give me a call and let's plan something amazing for your daughter!

Birikit Schaefer Creative Director and Founder